Why does TAS come up in demonstration mode?

Please try the following below:
1. Is the key plugged into the computers printer port?
2. Are you running Windows NT?
1. Did you install the Sentinel driver?
1.When TAS was installed, a WIN_NT directory was generated off your TAS directory. Run the INSTALL.BAT file in this directory. You will need administrative privileges to install
the driver.
2.Restart Windows when complete.
3. Has your maintenance expired?
1. When TAS comes up in Demo mode, select Help>About TAS. The date your maintenance expires is given. Also given is the date the version you are running was compiled. If you are
using a version which was compiled after your maintenance had expired then TAS will come up in demo mode. A full year of maintenance is only $850.00(US). This includes software
updates and our expert telephone/e-mail/fax support. A version of TAS that was compiled prior to you maintenance will run forever.

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