When I create a property picture, why are some of the elements missing?

When you select the Display>Property feature, free element faces are drawn the color of the property the element references. If two or more faces are found that reference the same nodes
then the face is not drawn. Normally this would only be internal to the model. If you intentionally have two elements occupying the same volume then they will not be drawn. This would be if
you were representing gaseous conduction using Brick elements and radiation transfer using Interface elements. In this case, if both elements or element types are visible, then the faces will
not be drawn. If you did not intentionally do this then this is an indication that you have elements occupying the same volume. Selecting Display>Outline>Entire Model will also show this.

If you have more than one Plate element at the same location then TAS arbitrarily picks one element to draw. In this case a patchwork may be drawn.

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