Have you got an example of user defined coalescence and breakup rates?

Yes. The attached zip file contains two sets of files for the simulation of a bubble
column with the MUSIG model.

Both set-ups use the models of:
- Luo and Svendsen for breakup and
- Prince and Blanch for coalescence.


The subdirectory 'default_LS_PB' contains a setup using the core solver
implementation of the model, while the subdirectory 'user_LS_PB' re-implements
the models via 'User Defined' breakup and coalescence rates.

The Luo and Svendsen breakup rate is implemented in the routine 'userLS.F' while
the Prince and Blanch coalescence rate is implemented in 'userPB.F'.

Running the 'User Defined' rate example:

To run the model with 'User Defined' rates, you will need to:

1. Create the user Fortran shared library from the user Fortran routines with:
cfx5mkext userLS.F userPB.F -name UserRates
2. Edit the file user_LS_PB.ccl to change the path of the user fortran library.
3. Put the modified command language (user_LS_PB.ccl) into the definition file
cfx5cmds -def BubbleColumn.def -text user_LS_PB.ccl -write
4. Run the solver with:
cfx5solve -def BubbleColumn.def

Note: these files were created for the current version (CFX-10 SP1). When run
with this version, both the core implementation and the 'User Defined' set up
give an identical convergence history.
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