Customer gets the following error when trying to start ANSYS 10.0 on EM64T RED HAT Linux AS 4 update 4 system:

/apps/ansys/ansys_inc/v100/ansys/bin/linem64t/ansys.e100:error while loading shared open shared object file:No such file or directory

Why is he getting this error?

We provide two copies of "" for Ansys100:


The copy in "linia32" is a 32 bit version needed for WB
and the other is the 64 bit version for Ansys.

Make sure the customer does NOT have LD_LIBRARY_PATH set prior
to trying to run Ansys. Also try renaming the /syslib/linia32/
version just in case Ansys is trying to use the 32 bit version.

Also the system has it's own 32bit and 64 bit copies of the in:

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