Class 3 Error

When Results and Definition files contain different Solution Units, the resulting interpolation is not correct. In some circumstances, the interpolator complains that the meshes do not overlap (when they should), and in others the interpolated field values are scaled by a factor related to the difference in Solution Units.

The problem is that the interpolator cannot read Solution Units from a Definition File (only a Results File), and in this case assumes they are identical in both files (i.e. the raw values are interpolated without appropriate scaling). The resulting behaviour can be mesh and Solution Unit dependent. For example:

- differences in the Length unit may result in apparent partial or non-overlap of meshes (the latter resulting in failure of interpolation).
- differences in any Solution Unit will result in an apparent scaling of the interpolated field values.

For steady state calculations where the interpolation is successful, the solver may still run to convergence. However, for transient calculations the final solution is dependent on the initial conditions and will be incorrect.

Note that when comparisons of two Results files is performed using the Calculate Differences option, the resulting Difference variables

No workaround is currently available.

Release 11.0.

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