When running the CFX solver on 32 bit Windows, it is possible for the address space to become fragmented. Since the solver requires contiguous address space, this can limit the amount of memory available to the solver. This problem is described in more detail, along with some workarounds in the following solution:


Will this problem still occur on 64 bit Windows (Win64)?

In summary, using 64 bit Windows will solve this problem, but unfortunately not using CFX-10.0.

64 bit Windows has the advantage that much more memory can be addressed than the 2GB (3GB extended using the /3GB switch) limit on 32 bit Windows. Additionally, the address space fragmentation problem disappears too, as there is so much address space available that there is no problem in finding the contiguous segment of address space required by the solver. However, 64 bit addressing can only be taken advantage of by 64 bit applications. CFX-10.0 runs as a 32 bit application, even on 64 bit Windows. Therefore CFX-10.0 cannot take advantage of 64 bit Windows. However, CFX-10.0 does already support 64 bit operation on a number of other operating systems, including Linux. CFX-11.0 will support 64 bit operation on64 bit Windows. Therefore address space fragmentation is not expected be a problem in CFX-11.0 on this operating system.
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