Customer has Workbench 10.0 Vista and is trying to read a Workbench 10.0 SP2 dsdb file. He receives the following error:

This file was saved with a future version of the product and cannot be opened.

Should they be able to read 10.0 SP2 dsdb files in Workbecnh 10.0 Vista?


Vista will only read in Workbench 10.0 dsdb files.
If the user wants to review 10.0 SP1 or 10.0 SP2 files,
the only workaround is to install the full version of Workbench and apply Service Pack 2.

They can then click on the dsdb file to open it.
They will receive a license error, but after clicking on OK, they will be able to see the model in Workbench as `READ ONLY`.

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