Having built a User Fortran library in CFX 11.0 using the Compaq Visual Fortran compiler on Windows, the solver fails with an error similar to the following:

"Error opening d:supportproject1winntcfx11UserRoutines.dll: The specified module could not be found."

The CFX 11.0 installation does not include the CVF runtime libraries DFORMD.DLL and DFORRT.DLL, which are required for User Fortran routines to work. This is because the supported compiler has changed to Intel Fortran 9.0.

On machines that have CVF already installed, no changes should be necessary as the libraries are provided with the Fortran installation. However, for machines where there is no CVF installation, it will be necessary to copy these libraries from <CFX10ROOT>/bin/winnt, and place them in the same location of their CFX 11.0 installation.

ANSYS CFX Release 12.0. The Compaq Visual Fortran compiler is no longer supported with this version.

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