How can I make sure that transient results are written at specified times during a restarted run? In the initial run it is OK to specify a TIME INTERVAL. If this run is stopped on an intermediate time step, how do I control the writing of these files from a restarted run? If frequent saving of transient results is needed, then it is difficult to write a TIME LIST.

The easiest way to do this would be to restart the run from the last full transient file but that would mean repeating some time steps. An alternative would be to include a Perl script in the ccl to write a TIME LIST.

The following example will write the transient files (in this case standard but the script can be modified to write partial results) at 9.5s and then every following 0.25s up to 200s.

! use strict;
! my $t=9.5;
! my @list;
! for (my $i=0; $i<200; $i++) { push @list,sprintf("%s [s]",$t+=0.25) }
! my $steps = join(', ',@list);
File Compression Level = Default
Option = Standard
TRANSIENT RESULTS: Transient Results 1
File Compression Level = Default
Option = Standard
Time List = $steps

Please refer to the section on Power Syntax in ANSYS CFX in the ANSYS CFX-Post manual for more on the use of Perl scripts.

The script can be included:
* using the Command Editor in CFX-Pre
* using the cfx5cmds command to extract the ccl from the def file so thatt it can be edited in a text editor and then writing it back in, e.g.:

cfx5cmds -def mydef -text myccl -read to extract
cfx5cmds -def mydef -text myccl -write to write the edited ccl into the def file

* write a short section of ccl as shown above and include it in the run using the -ccl argument to the cfx5solve command, e.g.:

cfx5solve -def mydef -ccl myccl

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