When Post-porcesseing large simulations win CFX-Post 10.0, what sort of memory requirements will I need?

For CFX-Post, there are two main memory issues: Loading the problem is the first memory hit, but then the requirement also increases depending on how many variables you plot and whether you use slice planes, isosurfaces etc. Our developer team has offered the following guidance below on total memory requirement for Post:

Load Mesh +Load Pressure +Slice
1M nodes (5M elements) - 180Mb 220Mb 300Mb
10M nodes (50M elements) - 1.8Gb 2.2Gb 3.0Gb
100M nodes (500M elements) - 18Gb 22Gb 30Gb
200M nodes (1B elements) - 32Gb 44Gb 60Gb

This would seem to indicate that you could plot a contour of pressure on a slice plane, on a 32-bit system, with a mesh of perhaps 4 or 5M nodes. You may however, struggle to post-process anything larger. On a 64-bit platform there is no such upper limit, but you will need to be able to access approximately the indicated amount of memory, and for speed it would preferably be real (RAM) and not virtual memory.
Post will not run in parallel as yet, and when it does it islikely that this would give only speed improvements and not necessarily get around memory issues. As a beta feature, CFX-Post will run in a client-server setup, in which case the server could be a 64-bit machine and the client a 32-bit but they both have to be Windows or Unix, not mixed. However, this is not fully supported and the differing memory requirements are not well known.

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