Why am I getting wrong answers with PCG solver and solid95, keyo(1)=1?

This is due to the MSAVE command being ON for the PCG solver case. MSAVE,ON is the default for certain cases when using the PCG solver.
When non-isotropic material properties are used with the MSAVE,ON case using the PCG solver, then the effect of KEYOPT(1) = 1 is wrongly
ignored by the MSAVE,ON code. When KEYOPT(1) = 1 for any SOLID95 elements in the model, MSAVE should be turned OFF for those elements.

A class-3 report already exists (2002-20) for MSAVE with non-isotropic material properties and ESYS,KCN where KCN was something other than
the default element coordinate system. MSAVE cannot handle anything other than the default element coordinate system. Setting KEYOPT(1) = 1
for SOLID95 elements is a backdoor way to change the element coordinate system and so we were not catching this case from the first day we
included SOLID95 elements with MSAVE,ON. (Ref: Defect 43896)

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