Does CFX have Real Gas Property tables for steam?

Yes. These are in the materials-extra subdirectory, within the etc directory of the CFX-10 installation. There are several different files, and to find out what each one means, it's best to do it all from CFX-Pre. Go to the Materials tab, and click the Open icon to Load Material Data from a File. Then click the Browse icon for the File to Import and select the MATERIALS-virial.ccl from the materials-extra subdirectory, click Open, and then select all the entries under Wet Steam or Dry Steam (or both) depending on which is appropriate. Then click OK. Then you can expand the Wet Steam and Dry Steam sections in the materials tree and see the Steam entries. Double click on them and you can see the description. There are broadly 5 different pressure/temperature ranges which are shown in the description, and the material name. For the Wet Steam, there are also materials representing vapour and liquid (shown with a v or l in their name) and a homogeneous binary mixture material for simulating phase change (shown with both v and l in the name) which refers to the 2 individual materials.

Once you have found the property range you want, go to the material properties tab and it will show the file name of the rgp file.You can then find this in the materials-extra subdirectory and use it with another code for comparison, if necessary. The rgp file does have some header information to help with the format.

These rgp tables have been derived from the Redlich-Kwong equations of state, so alternatively you could use RK definitions instead provided that you had appropriate parameters.

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