How much RAM do I need to run my CFX 10.0 solver problem?

A conservative guideline to use for the 'RAM to cells' ratio is 1 Mbyte should solve 2000 tetrahedral cells (around 400 nodes). So 1 Gbyte of RAM should solve around 2,000,000 tetrahedral cells (around 400,000 nodes). If you are solving a single phase steady state MFR solution on 1 processor using the rotor stator model, you will have an additional 10-20% overhead in memory requirements. This figure will go up if you change any of the above ` i.e.
1) The interface model used (i.e. switching to stage or transient rotor stator)
2) Doing a transient run
3) Introducing another phase
4) Having more than two domains
5) Running in parallel (especially if the number of domains is many)

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