How can I show two units for a variable in CFX-Post 10.0?

This is strictly not possible automatically within CFX-Post. However there is a workaround to achieve this, as described below.

For example, to show temperature in both Celsius and Kelvin.

1) If the standard variable Temperature is in Kelvin. Create an expression to give your other temperature field (i.e. TempC = Temperature ` 273 [K])

2) Create another variable based on this expression. Remember to include the units in the title of this, so maybe call the variable Temperature [C].

3) Create, say, a contour plot on your locator.

4) Create a new legend. This will be the Kelvin scale

5) Make the contour plot invisible

6) Create a new contour plot, colouring the locator with your new temperature variable. The default scale should now have your Celcius variable.

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