Why does the WB 10.0 GUI seems to hang while mapping temperatures?
The customer is performing a thermal-stress analysis within Simulation 10.0.
The Solution Information window indicates that the thermal temperatures are
being transferred to the structural mesh by providing the following feedback for each node:


The customer's model has over 250k nodes and it seems like the solution information window
is hanging trying to echo that information for each node. It turns out that we are able to determine
that the solution completed by going directly to the solve.out file in the solver working directory, but
looking at the solution information window, it was hung at the point where it was echoing the temperature
data being applied to the nodes. He is therefore unable to view results of the model in DS.

There was a error in 10.0 that could cause this. In a thermal-stress analysis,
a BF command is issued for each node. At 10,0 we forgot to set a /NOPR before the BF's were issued.
This causes a large solve.out file and with WB trying to read the output file by default every 2.5 seconds,
WB sometimes it could not catch up. This error is fixed in 11.0.

There are two possible workarounds at 10.0: Don't use the solution info window or insert an environment branch
command object with a /NOPR command in it.

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