I am getting the following error when I start DesignModeler in Workbench 10:

Script Error
Line: 14390
Char: 2
Error: 'ag.theParamsButton.Check' is null or not an object
Code: 800a138f
Source: Microsoft JScript runtime error
Script: if ((unconditional) || (ag.theParamsButton.Check))

The temporary directory which DesignModeler wants to use might no longer exist on your machine. To set the temporary directory to a valid one:

1) start ANSYS Workbench 10
2) select (from the bottom left hand corner of the Workbench screen) Tools > Options
3) in the panel that opens up select DesignModeler > Miscellaneous > Files
4) set "Folder for temporary files" to a valid folder directory name

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