Do you have any 2D axisymmetric examples of a hyperelastic seal analysis?

Yes, please see the attached ANSYS 10.0 model. A customer sent in the
request below and this PLANE182 model was made in response. Please
refer to the input file for a complete description of the model.

Please create a 2D axisymmetric model of an o-ring seal that is first compressed
by 50% at room temperature and then heated an additional 250 degrees F.

The parameters are:
Oring ID=1.0", Oring cross section diameter D = 0.14"
Compressed 0.07" (50% compression)
Temperature increases by 250F,
Rubber model: Ogden 2-terms, with material constants: mu-1= 2.8 psi,
A-1= 7.9; mu-2= -186 psi, A-2 = - 1.85; bulk modulus = 250000 psi;
CTE = 0.000085in/in/F;
Ignore temperature dependence of the material properties
Friction coefficient at contact surfaces is 0.2
Inlude the effects of large strain and use the sparse direct solver.


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