I am working on IBM AIX 5.2 and get the following error message after 123 iterations:

The CFX-5 solver was interrupted by signal XCPU (24) No results file has been created.

The process CPU time limit has been set to 24 hours. (use command 'limit' in a shell to show limits). Set it to 'unlimited'

Here is a full list of return signals on IBM AIX (from <a target=_blank href="http://www.redbooks.ibm.com):">http://www.redbooks.ibm.com):</a>http://www.redbooks.ibm.com):

Symbolic fault name - Signal/Fault ID Fault description

FLTILL 1 Illegal instruction
FLTPRIV 2 Privileged instruction
FLTBPT 3 Breakpoint instruction
FLTTRACE 4 Trace trap (single-step)
FLTACCESS 5 Memory access (for example alignment)
FLTBOUNDS 6 Memory bounds (invalid address)
FLTIOVF 7 Integer overflow
FLTIZDIV 8 Integer zero divide
FLTFPE 9 Floating-point exception
FLTSTACK 10 Unrecoverable stack fault
SIGHUP 1 Hangup, generated when terminal disconnects
SIGINT 2 Interrupt, generated from terminal special char
SIGQUIT 3 Quit, generated from terminal special char
SIGILL 4 Illegal instruction (not reset when caught)
SIGTRAP 5 Trace trap
SIGABRT 6 Abort process
SIGEMT 7 EMT instruction
SIGFPE 8 Floating point exception
SIGBUS 10 Bus error (specification exception)
SIGSEGV 11 Segmentation violation
SIGSYS 12 Bad argument to system call
SIGPIPE 13 Write on a pipe with no one to read it
SIGALRM 14 Alarm clock timeout
SIGTERM 15 Software termination signal
SIGURG 16 Urgent condition on I/O channel
SIGTSTP 18 Interactive stop
SIGCONT 19 Continue
SIGCHLD 20 Sent to parent on child stop or exit
SIGTTIN 21 Background read attempted from control terminal
SIGTTOU 22 Background write attempted to control terminal
SIGIO 23 I/O possible, or completed
SIGXCPU 24 CPU time limit exceeded
SIGXFSZ 25 File size limit exceeded
SIGMSG 27 Input data is in the ring buffer
SIGWINCH 28 Window size changed
SIGPWR 29 Power-fail restart
SIGUSR1 30 User defined signal 1
SIGUSR2 31 User defined signal 2
SIGPROF 32 Profiling time alarm
SIGDANGER 33 System crash imminent; free up some page space
SIGVTALRM 34 Virtual time alarm
SIGMIGRATE 35 Migrate process
SIGPRE 36 Programming exception
SIGVIRT 37 AIX virtual time alarm
SIGALRM1 38 m:n condition variables
SIGWAITING 39 m:n scheduling
SIGCPUFAIL 59 Predictive de-configuration of processors
SIGKAP 60 Keep alive poll from native keyboard
SIGGRANT SIGKAP Monitor mode granted
SIGRETRACT 61 Monitor mode should be relinguished
SIGSOUND 62 Sound control has completed
SIGSAK 63 Secure attention key
SIGIOINT SIGURG Printer to backend error signal

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