We've expanded our cluster by adding an extra computer (designated LROW00013), but we are having trouble starting CFX 10 parallel solver computations. All nodes are Dell workstations running Windows XP 32-bit version. I have configured the rsh service properly and registered the MPICH user account as persistent using the command

cfx5parallel 'register-mpich-user

When starting an MPICH computation in parallel the console reports the following error:

Error: ConnectToMPD(LROW00013:8675): easy-connect failed: error 10061, No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.
MPIRunLaunchProcess: Connect to LROW00013 failed, error 10061

An error has occurred in cfx5solve:
The CFX-5 solver has terminated without writing a results file. Command on host LROW0019 exited with return code 0.

The error message shows that you did not first install the MPICH Service on the machine LROW00013. You must do this using the command

cfx5parallel -install-mpich-service

in a window created by selecting Tools > Command Line on the CFX 10 launcher.

Registering the MPICH user creates a key in the Windows registry that the MPICH service reads so this action is not dependent on the service being installed.

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