Where in a results file is the Tshape parameter data for target elements
located and what codes are needed in interpreting it?

The shape code for each target element is stored in elmdat(8).

TSHAP Segment Type code
LINE Straight line 1
ARC Arc, clockwise 3
CARC Arc, counter- clockwise 4
PARA Parabola 2
CIRC Circle 10
PILO Pilot node 99

TRIA 3-node triangle 6
QUAD 4-node quadrilateral 7
TRI6 6-node triangle 8
QUA8 8-node quadrilateral 9
LINE 2-node straight line 1
PARA 3-node parabola 2
CYLI Cylinder 14
CONE Cone 15
SPHE Sphere 16
PILO Pilot node 99

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