I imported an assembly from my CAD system into DesignModeler. I turned the assembly into a multibody part and transfered it to Simulation. Simulation created contact elements between the parts even though it was a multibody part. I found that if I change the facet quality in DM from the default 5 to 10, Simulation recognized the multibody part and no contact is created (Tools > Options > DesignModeler > Graphics > Facet Quality). What's wrong?

The contact detection algorithm in Simulation is based on the tessellation of the geometry. The contact detection runs even when a multibody part is imported. If the topology between parts differs beyond a certain extent Simulation will place contact at the interface since continuous meshing is not possible. Most CAD systems have controls over the topology (or tessellation) that they use. Often this is a setting under the graphics controls. CAD users sometimes set this resolution to a lower value for faster graphics controls but don't realize this will actually affect the resolution of the parts that are exported. Increasing the tessellation from the CAD source should result in expected behavior for other multibody parts.

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