Is there any way to sort the list of parts that is displayed in the parts window? We typically have lots of parts, and it becomes difficult to organize them and find them for modifications. Can they be resorted using a user subroutine?

There are two methods to identify a part in the view panel of PLOTS.

The first method is using Part Highlight under Additional Components in the view panel of PLOTS. If you know the part name and want to find where the part is in the view panel, turn on Part Highlight and then click the part name in the Part List. The color of the selected part turns to green in the view panel. If one of your materials is already in the green color, you can change the highlight color by pressing the arrow beside the Part Highlight and then adjusting the RGB values in the dialog window.

The second method is ALT+Left Mouse Click. If you want to find the part name for a specific part in the view panel of PLOTS, click PARTS on the right navigation bar first. Then left click the part in the View Panel while pressing the ALT key at the same time, the corresponding part name will be highlighted in the Part List.

You cannot use user subroutines to re-sort the partsin the Part List. However, you can create Components via COMPONENTS in the right navigation bar. Each component includes several sturctured or unstructured parts. Then in the dialog panel of PLOTS, select COMPONENTS to plot. This will make post-processing easier.

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