Is there any way that ANSYS may operate correctly if DEP is enabled?
There is a Windows function of Data Execution Prevention (DEP) which restricts execution of the code placed on the stack or the heap in Windows XP SP2. If a DEP function is used, the brittleness of buffer overflow can be compensated and the virus and worm which perform a code can be prevented.

In the present ANSYS, if this function is enabled, we cannot execute.

Data Execution Prevention (DEP), which is in Windows XP Service Pack 2, performs checks on memory to help prevent malicious code from running on a system. DEP can be enforced through both hardware (if the processor supports it) and through software (Windows XP).

It looks like DEP is flagging ANSYS as a potential malicious program and not allowing ANSYS to complete analysis.

DEP can be turned off for the entire system or for individual applications via the System dialog box in Control Panel (There is a tab labeled `Data Execution Prevention` when you click on Performance Settings/Advanced). Add ANSYS to this list to get around the problem.

The problem actually is not in ANSYS but in Intel`s Math Kernel Library which is linked into ANSYS:

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We will be upgrading to MKL 9.0 for the ANSYS 12.0 release but it did not make it for the 11.0 release. In the meantime, please turn off DEP just for the ANSYS.exe. This will not compromise security at all if you only specify the ANSYS executable.

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