When performing modeling or Boolean operations, DesignModeler 11.0 German language version crashes with the following message dialog: "AnsysWB Module - AnsysWB module has encountered an error and needs to close. We are sorry for the incovenience."

The error is observed only on German and NOT in other languages (French, Italian, English)

There is a reported error in the Design Modeler German string table. (Defect ID: 57617). This defect exists in the intial release of V11.0, and is to be resolved in a future service pack.

Feature names in DesignModeler must contain alphanumeric characters and may not contain any symbols. In the German string table, this feature name string was invalid at line 3853:

<string id="Name_Boolean">Boole'sch</string>

The apostrophe causes a fatal exception which terminates the program. The correction is to remove the offending character from the feature string:

<string id="Name_Boolean">Boolesch</string>

To correct the error, you can manually edit the file using a text editor, or replace the agstringtable.xml file with the corrected file attached to this solution.

This file usually resides in the following location:

C:Program FilesANSYS Incv110AISOLAGPAGPagesLanguagedexml

Note: File location may be different if ANSYS Workbench is installed to a different path.

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