ANSYS LS-DYNA PC 11.0 does not allow me to define material properties. Why?

This is a known error (Defect 57721) and is currently being investigated.
ANSYS LS-DYNA 11.0 product codes "dyna" (ANSYS LS-DYNA standalone),
"dynapc" (ANSYS LS-DYNA PC), and "dynapp" (ANSYS LS-DYNA PrepPost)
do not allow MP commands like MP,EX, ... MP,NUXY, ... MP,DENS, ... etc.
They also block some TB commands and possibly some other commands
that have historically been used in both ANSYS LS-DYNA and implicit ANSYS.

After this licensing error has been thoroughly investigated, a service pack
will be issued. In the interim, any customer hitting this error should request
a temporary license upgrade to be able to define their material properties.
The minimum license upgrade to bypass this error appears to be product
code "structds" (ANSYS Structural/LS-DYNA), but the ANSYS LS-DYNA product
manager has authorized a 90-day upgrade to ANSYS Multiphysics/LS-DYNA
(product code "ane3flds") to err on the safe side. Once the defect has been
resolved, a letter will be sent to all customers effected by this error instructing
them how to obtain the necessary license upgrade free of charge, if they have
not done so already. The MP,EX, ... command error is shown below:

*** ERROR *** CP = 2.250 TIME= 17:05:14
The option of EX on the MP command is either not available for this
version of ANSYS or the appropriate product was not selected for this
Contact your ANSYS support person for more information.

Defect 57721 was fixed in the UP20070503 build of ANSYS 12.0. The intent is to also
include this fix into ANSYS 11.0 SP1 (Service Pack 1).

However, customers effected by this errorhave been notified
of an automated procedure to download a temporary license from the Customer Portal
that will work with the initial release of ANSYS LS-DYNA 11.0.

After logging in, you`ll notice a new field for 11.0 ANSYS LS-DYNA Replacement License.
Clicking on that field will produce a page requesting your machine information. If our
records contain your machine information, we will populate those fields automatically.

Note that if multiple installations are in our records, you`ll be asked to select the machine
or set of machines that you wish to generate the license key for. If no machine information
is available to us, you`ll be able to manually enter your hostname, FlEXlm Machine ID and
ID Type info, or edit that which has been filled in automatically.

If you don`t have your machine information handy, you can retrieve license server information
using the utility found via the link towards the bottom of this web page.

Once the required fields are populated, you`ll be able to push the Create License Key button,
which will start the process of license key creation and e-mailing you this replacement license.

Note that the license sent to you will be for the ANSYS Multiphysics/LS-DYNA product and will
expire on September 30, 2007.

If you receive any errors utilizing the 11.0 ANSYS LS-DYNA Replacement License application,
please contact

We apologize about the inconvenience this error has caused, and hope you`ll be able to utilize
the ANSYS Multiphysics/LS-DYNA replacement license for your advanced simulation needs.

Please also see Knowledge Base Solution 717206 for a minor ANSYS LS-DYNA 11.0 licensing
error (concerning the /PMETHOD command) that was fixed in ANSYS LS-DYNA 12.0.

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