How to visualize mesh quality in CFX-Post in order to find critical mesh regions, e.g. where no convergence is obtained?

The location of maximum or minimum residual can be shown by creating a point-locator with the option `from variable maximum` or ``minimum` and selecting a residual variable. However, this only shows a single point. A better overview can be achieved by creating an iso-surface locator from the residuals. If this region indicates mesh problems you can create a plane or Turbo Surface at this location, coloured by a mesh quality variable, and activate `Draw Lines` in the render options to see the mesh.

Residuals are available in the res-file when activated in CFX-Pre at Output Control > Results > Output Equation Residuals.
Mesh quality variables must be calculated in CFX-Post before evaluation. To do so, please open the Mesh Calculator from the Tools menu. Then choose the variable you want to see and press `Calculate`.

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