How do you remove the ANSYS logo from the ANSYS Workbench Window background?

In V11.0, to remove the background "ANSYS" watermark image from the upper right-hand corner of the graphics area,
you must replace the image file with a 1x1 single pixel graphics file. Note: Deleting the file completely will cause an application error on startup.

First, rename the file C:Program FilesANSYS Incv110AISOLCommonFilesBitmapsANSYS_150.png to:

Next, Create a 1x1 single pixel .png file in a graphics editing program and save it as ANSYS_150.png in the above directory,
Or, download the 1x1 pixel file attached to this solution and rename it from ANSYS_150.png.1x1pixel to ANSYS_150.png

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