CFX-Mesh fails. This problem has been encountered when attempting to create an inflated mesh with the default virtual topology creation. Error messages of the type shown below are typical

Internal Error

The volume mesher is unable to create a new point for this face. The front is most likely corrupted. Check the validity of the surface mesh. If it is valid, a possible workaround is to reduce the mesh spacing slightly and re-mesh.


Errors detected calculating edge table from surface mesh. Faces in surface mesh have inconsistent orientation. Offending faces flipped to allow execution to proceed.
Number of faces flipped = 74

As a workaround, try clearing (i.e. deleting) the default virtual topology and creating virtual surfaces manually only where they are required. It seems that the generation of virtual topology is not as robust as it could be in some cases. External CAD contains edges/surfaces which are not parameterised in the way Designmodeller expects, can causes the resulting virtual topology to be invalid. It is hoped that this will be improved in a future release of the software.

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