I have installed ICEM CFD 11 on my Windows XP 64-bit platform. When I select File > Results > Open Results on the ICEM CFD 11 GUI I get the following message:

An internal error has occurred:

invalid command name "V3_setup_cmd"

You can report the error to the maintainers of this software, skip the
error and continue working, or view a stack trace.


Windows XP 64-bit is a new platform for ICEM CFD at release 11. We do not have the v3p and pvm3 libraries needed for post-processing on Windows XP 64-bit and as a result, post-processing does not work on this platform.

At release 12 the various ANSYS CFD post-processing products (in ICEM CFD, CFX and Fluent) are being consolidated into one post-processor. So post-processing will definitely be available on all the platforms that we aim to support at release 12, including the Windows XP 64-bit platform.

Note that files produced by ICEM CFD 11 on a Windows XP 64-bit platform can be post-processed on Windows XP 32-bit platforms.

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