Class 3 Error

When CFX-Post is used to transfer pressure loads from a CFX results file to Simulation (using a CFX Pressure load) or ANSYS (using the ANSYS Import/Export facility in CFX-Post), negative pressures are not handled correctly. (Note that when a CFX Pressure load is used in Simulation, CFX-Post is used behind the scenes.)

CFX-Post uses the pressure from the CFX results file to generate a file of "SFE" commands that ANSYS (or Simulation) can use to apply the pressure to the solid FEA model. If the pressure force is negative, then CFX-Post should give pressures with a positive sign but with the normal direction reversed. In some cases, the normal is not being correctly reversed, which has the result of applying a positive pressure instead of a negati

Ensure that the normal forces in the CFX results file are always positive. This can usually be done by ensuring that the forces are calculated using the absolute pressure, not the relative pressure, by setting the expert parameter "include pref in forces" to "t" in the CCL in the CFX definition file.

ANSYS CFX Release 11.0 Service Pack 1.

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