Is it possible to model orthortropic conductivity in solids in C?

Yes, it involves editing the set-up file as ows:

1) Write out the definition file with a constant Thermal Conductivity

2) Start the CFX launcher and navigate the working directory to that with the .def file in it (named myfile.def here)

3) Choose Tools/command line and open up a DOS window

4) Type:
cfx5cmds `def myfile.def `text myfile.ccl `read

5) Edit the newly created file by typing:
edit myfile.ccl

6) Locate the following section, (note that the thermal conductivity value will probably be different)

Option = Value
Thermal Conductivity = 237 [W m^-1 K^-1]

and change it to the following `

Option = Orthotropic Cartesian Components
Thermal Conductivity X Component = 401.0 [W m^-1 K^-1]
Thermal Conductivity Y Component = 401.0 [W m^-1 K^-1]
Thermal Conductivity Z Component = 401.0 [W m^-1 K^-1]

and enter your required values for the Therma Conductivity X Component etc.

Save the file and exit
8) type:
cfx5cmds `def myfile.def `text myfile.ccl `write
9) The definition file should now be ready to run

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