In Workbench 11.0 on Windows XP x64, after generating a mesh in WB Meshing, there is no "Proceed to AUTODYN" Workbench task on the Project page. How do I transfer a mesh from WB Meshing to AUTODYN 11.0 on Windows XP x64?

AUTODYN 11.0 on Windows XP x64 is not formally released yet (beta status). When it is officially released/supported, there should be a direct "Proceed to AUTODYN" WB task to transfer the mesh from WB Meshing to AUTODYN.
Until then, one needs to use FE Modeler as an intermediate step. The tasks to transfer the mesh on Windows XP x64 is as follows:
1) Select the WB Project page and highlight the WB Meshing "Model"
2) From the left task bar, select "Meshing Applet Tasks: New FE Model". (WB FE Modeler will open)
3) In WB FE Modeler, change "Target System: NASTRAN" from the toolbar.
4) In WB FE Modeler, select "Generate Data" from the Outline Tree, then click on the "Export" icon on the toolbar. Save the file to disk.
5) Select WB Project page and choose "AUTODYN Tasks: Start AUTODYN" from the left task bar.
6) In AUTODYN, create a new model, then import the Nastran file saved in step #4 above via "Import menu > from MSC.Nastran bdf (*.dat)". The file selection filter may need to be changed in the dialog box, depending on what file extension was used to save the Nastran file.

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