Why does ICEBOARD 11.0 produce missing DLL error unless TASPCB is installed?
Customer reports that he gets a missing dll error when he tries to solve in ICEBOARD 11.0. On another PC that had TASPCB 10.0 installed there was no error. Customer installed TASPCB 10.0 on the first PC and then the dll error went away.
All the error message says is, "Missing dll".

In the first release of V11 of Iceboard, an incorrect mesher dll was included. The Iceboard installation now on the customer portal has this corrected. If there was already an installation of TASPCB then the correct dll is already on the computer.

There are two options. One is to download the latest installation software and reinstall Iceboard, or unzip the attached file into the Iceboard directory. Next, select Start>Run and enter:

regsvr32.exe c:PTDWBOutProcMeshU.dll

where `c:PTDWBOutProcMeshU.dll` is the path to the file just unzipped. This needs to be done only once.

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