CFX 11.0 Pre takes a long time to start up, i.e. 20 minutes. CFX Solve and CFX Post work normally

CFX 11.0 Pre performs license checks during startup. If license check takes long, then application takes this time to start up.

Possible sources for this error are:
- The environment variable `LM_LICENSE_FILE` should not be used to specify the license server. Ensure that a local license manager is installed, that references the central license server.
Wrong or outdated entries in the LM_LICENSE_FILE setting could cause the observed behaviour.
- Slow network connection to the license server

If it is not possible to correct these issues, then an environment variable can be set to stop CFX-Pre checking licenses at startup - CFX_DISABLE_PHYSICS_LICENSING. Note that this will stop `shared licensing` working if you are running within Workbench. Also, there may still be a delay when opening a simulation, as licenses must be checked at this stage.

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