Is it possible with ANSYS License Manager to log the usage of each licenses, and collect this data for example for a given time period?
As far as we have experienced the license manager logs license queries (time, license feature, user, etc) but the log file is cleared each time the license server is restarted.

You can run the lmgrd command with the "+" option to append to an existing log file instead of overwriting it.
Something like:

lmgrd -c license_file_list -l [+]debug_log_path

license_file_list is one or more of the following:
the full path to a single license file
a directory, where all files named *.lic in that directory are used
debug_log_path is the full path to the debug log file
Prepending debug_log_path with the + character appends logging entries.

For example:
lmgrd -c license.dat -l +license.log
will start appending to license.log file while this:

lmgrd -c license.dat -l license.log
will overwrite the license.log each time.

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