If I run SMP (Shared Memory Parallel) ANSYS 10.0 or 11.0 on my Windows XP x64
dual chip quad core PC with all 8 processors, the sparse solver gives the wrong
answers. If I run 1, 2, 3, ..., or 7 CPUs with the sparse solver or use all 8 CPUs
with the frontal solver, everything is OK. Is this a known error?

Yes, Defect 56061 and has been fixed in the daily build of ANSYS 12.0. It will
also be fixed in the first service pack for 11.0. No date has been established
for the release of 11.0 SP1 as of April 17th, 2007. The resolution involves the
new Intel FORTRAN version 9.1 compiler. In addition, the MKL library upgrade
that goes with the 9.1 compiler is 15-20 percent faster per core for sparse
solver runs. This is because Intel has optimized the compiler and MKL library
for the new dual and quad core chips.


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