Class 3 Error

When backup, transient or the final results file is written, a run using the expert parameter "rotational offset for post" may have problems in several ways. Symptoms include any of the following.

a) The solver may fail whilst trying to write the results file with the following error:
Error detected by routine DELDAT

Current Directory : /FLOW/GEOMETRY

b) The solver fails in the timestep immediately after writing a backup or transient file with errors about mesh quality.

c) There is a large spike in the residuals just after writing a backup or transient file.

d) The expert parameter fails to have any effect.

There are several problems.

1) A memory overwrite occurs when a second or subsequent results file is written. This will often lead to a vertex coordinate being overwritten and will normally lead to a large spike in residuals, but sometimes leads to problems being reported with mesh quality. This defect has been present for several releases.

2) If the specified rotational offset is applied to a stationary domain, then a defect which was introduced in release 10.0 causes the solver to stop with the error listed in symptom (a) above.

3) If the specified rotational offset is applied to a rotating domain, then the expert parameter ha

No workaround is currently available.

ANSYS CFX Release 11.0 Service Pack 1.

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