Customer can run RSM if the files reside locally on his machine and send the solve to a Windows XP X64 box. His client machine is a 32 bit machine. They need to have all models on a centralized server V: drive.

When they run WB 11.0 using the files from that mapped drive, it creates the files but it does not seem to be able to send the file over the network to the solving machine.

Is this supported?

The RSM services run as System which can`t access the network. The workaround is to change the Solve Process Setting to Remote instead with the Solve Manager machine set to the local machine name. In other words, instead of `localhost` use the actual machine name. This causes Workbench to behave as if the Solve Manager is really remote when it`s not. The files will be copied from the V: drive to a local holding area. Then they will be sent off to compute server.

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