As well as for traditional post-processing tasks, CFX-Post is very useful for viewing meshes. Certain file types can be loaded directly into CFX-Post (.def, .gtm, .cgns), but what about the others?

Of course CFX-Pre can be used to import the mesh and generate a .def file, but this is overkill, especially if the process is to be repeated many times.

If the user is not averse to a little command line work, then cfx5gtmconv can be be a great time-saver. The cfx5gtmconv utility allows a wide variety of mesh formats to be converted to a format viewable in CFX-Post.

The following command would create a minimal .def file from an ICEM mesh file, where project1.cfx5 is the file output from ICEM and test1.def if the file to be created:

cfx5gtmconv -icem project1.cfx5 test1.def

The first argument denotes the input file type and can be omitted in cases where the file extension is recognised by cfx5gtmconv. For example, a CFX-4 mesh could be converted as follows:

cfx5gtmconv m01.geo test1.def

A list of compatible file types and additional options accepted by cfx5gtmconv can be obtained by running:

cfx5gtmconv -help

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