As of May 31, 2007, Customers have been receiving an error concenring the checkout of 'ANSYS Rigid Dynamics' License.

Simulation always attempts to check out a Rigid Dynamics license as soon as you add an Analysis Type (with a Structural or higher license),
regardless of whether or not you actually require a Rigid Dynamics license.

You will then see one of the following behaviors:

1. If you do not have Rigid Dynamics licenses, you would see a single message, such as 'No such feature exists' or similar.
To continue, simply click OK on the message dialog box and continue your simulation as usual.

2. If you do have Rigid Dynamics licenses, you would see nothing out of the ordinary until all of the Rigid Dynamics licenses were taken.
Then, you would begin to see messages such as 'Licensed number of users already reached' or similar each time you interacted with
the GUI (such as a right-mouse click, menu selection, etc.), regardless of whether your analysis requires a Rigid Dynamics license.

What is causing this and is there a fix for this?

The license manager looks for a license of Rigid Dynamics, whether the actions of the user require the license or not, and this is a license manager error.

A Service Pack has being created and hasbeen posted on the Customer portal for Download. The service pack identification is: ANSYS Workbench Service Pack 2007-SV16

Note: This Service Pack will prevent the license manager error for those that are working in Workbench and not utilizing features that are tied to the Rigid Dynamics license.

However, if the customer does not have a license of Rigid Dynamics but attempts to use joints or add a Rigid Dynamics analysis branch to their Simulation tree, they will still get this error message (after installing the Service Pack), which is expected behavior as those actions require a Rigid Dynamics license. Likewise, resuming a .dsdb file that contains joints and/or a Rigid Dynamics analysis branch also requires a Rigid Dynamics license be available. If one is not, the user will get the message and be placed in read only mode.

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