I am running a problem with surface tension for an axisymmetric geometry in CFX 11.0. I have constructed a thin wedge
to represent this geometry with symmetry planes which meet at the axis. When I look at my results, I see
a different shape for the free surface at the axis than I would expect. What might be causing this?

This behavior has been observed for some cases. Because the elements at the axis for a thin wedge tend to be
quite small, the False Timestep Linearisation that is on by default for CFX 10.0 and 11.0 may sometimes result
in anomalies for the free surface near the axis.

You can try turning False Timestep Linearisation off by adding the following CCL to the SURFACE TENSION MODEL: object (this
CCL is valid for 11.0)

Option = Off

You can add this CCL by editing the Domain in the Command Editor in CFX-Pre.

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