When a parallel solver run that employs user fortran is started in double precision, the run fails claiming it cannot find the user fortran libraries.

This problem arises because the single precision partitioner is used by default, even when the solver is run in double precision mode. This looks in the single precision directories for any librararies that it needs (e.g. Junction Box Routines for partitioning), and thus fails if it cannot find them.

Compile the single precision libraries, in additon to the double precision ones, using cfx5mkext.

Alternatively, you can run the double precision partitioner, which is off by default. This can be started on the command line by use of the -partitioner flag followed by the full name and path of the double precision solver (you could also add this command in the Custom Solver area of the Solver Manager). Note, however, that the double precision partitioner will use more memory than its single precision counterpart.

No fix is currently available.

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