User is attempting to use SynchroMesh in TAS to connect Master and Slave surfaces together for thermal transfer.
The user is not able to get a converged result. It appears as if the nodes are not being connected by SynchroMesh.

In this case, the SynchroMesh Tolerance was not wide enough to connect the surfaces.

In Settings > General. The synchromesh Tolerance is set to 0.05.
If you look at a side view of the model, the gap between the Master and Slave surfaces is very slightly greater than 0.05.
You can determine the exact distance by looking at a side view, then select Information > Element and click on a node at either side of the interface.
Now look at the delta Z values. The difference between these delta Z values is the exact distance.

This is why the nodes are not being connected.

Change the Syncromesh Tolerance to 0.07
Set the Damping to 1.95, (because of the temperature dependent properties)
Run solution.

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