How can a user configure RSM in order to use multiple Ansys solver licenses simultaneously

- User has a large Compute server machine, many processors, etc.
- User also has 5 Ansys licenses available for solving
- User wants to be able to use all 5 licenses simultaneously
- User creates say 5 different RSM Queues, all pointing to same large Compute server machine.
- It would seem as if RSM should be able to use all 5 queues, and therefore use all 5 licenses simultaneously
- According to the user, this does not happen, as RSM seems to wait until previous license is available.

Is there any way to configure RSM so that they could use all 5 licenses simultaneously.

In this scenario you don't create multiple Queues. but you instead create multiple compute servers (virtual) pointing to the same physical machine.
All users wanting to utilize `big machine` use the same queue.


BigMachineA -> actualMachineName
BigMachineB -> actualMachineName
BigMachineC -> actualMachineName
BigMachineD -> actualMachineName
BigMachineE -> actualMachineName

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