I want to test the Tgrid meshing option in ICEM CFD 11. When running the mesher, a surface mesh is created, but when the volume mesher is about to start, the following error message appears:

Tk Error
An internal error has occurred:
Can't find program "tgrid" in directories: icemcfd {C:/Program Files/ANSYS Inc/v110/icemcfd/win64_amd/icemcfd}{C:/Program Files/ANSYS Inc/v110/icemcfd/win64_amd/icemcfd}

Is this a bug or a setup problem?

The executable tgrid.exe was mistakenly not included in the software for the ICEM CFD 11 installation on Windows XP 64-bit. A similar problem occurred in the IBM (AIX) version of ICEM CFD 11.

The Windows XP 64-bit and IBM (AIX) versions of tgrid.exe for release 11 can be supplied on request to Technical Services (support-uk@ansys.com).

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