I would like to compare experimental data against simulation data by loading in the experimental data into CFX-Post and plotting vectors. Is this possible? Do you have any hints on how it could be done?

The best way is to first do an export from CFX-Post for a plane, study the file arrangement and repeat the arrangement for the imported variables. Note, that 'Export Geometry Information', 'Line and Face Connectivity' and 'Node Numbers' need to be switched on.

When you open the exported .CSV file in a text editor, you will see that after the section with values there is a section with the connectivity matrix, and to get this right can be a problem. When importing the file, a user surface will be created. To be able to present vectors, you need to define a user variable (Type:Vector) and for the components of this vector specify the imported variables (presumably the variable components in x-,y- and z-direction).

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