CFX-Mesh V 11.0 is failing with the error: unequal number of points on periodic edges
Periodicity is not set up, and the error is highlighting the edge of a solid within a part. I have tried different mesh sizing on the adjacent parts, but nothing seems to help.
What can I do to fix this?

The periodicity error in this case refers to the fact that the "form one part" option in Design Modeler enforces a 1:1 mesh connection between solids within that part in CFX-Mesh.
If the CFX mesher can't make this connectivity for some reason, the periodic error message arises.

A workaround to this problem is to remove the enforcement of 1:1 meshing in the problem area and retain it where the mesher is not having any problems.
If possible, restructure the solids grouping in Design Modeler so that the problem area can easily be isolated and meshed separately (by suppressing the other part(s)).
Work on getting the problem area to mesh and then add back the other parts for meshing (by unsuppressing additional bodies)

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