The wall roughness is not available in CFX-Post for plotting on boundaries.

By default the wall roughness is not output to the results file. By adding some simple command language (CCL), wall roughness can be included and should then be available as 'Wall Roughness' in the postprocessor.

The CCL fragment required is as follows:

VARIABLE: wall roughness
Output to Postprocessor = Yes
Boundary Only Field = True

There are a number of ways this CCL can be used in practice.

- Using a text editor, the above CCL fragment can be put into into a file of its own (e.g. output_roughness.ccl) and run with the solver from the command line using the -ccl option. e.g. to run a definition file called file1.def:

cfx5solve -def file1.def -ccl output_roughness.ccl

- Extract the complete CCL from the definition file using the cfx5cmds utility and add the above 'VARIABLE: wall roughness' object to the LIBRARY object. e.g.

cfx5cmds -def file1.def -ccl file1.ccl -read

(Next edit the file file1.ccl to add the 'VARIABLE: wall roughness' object)

cfx5cmds -def file1.def -ccl file1.ccl -write

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