FLUENT 6 - On the fly monitoring of maximum/minimum values of any variable in the domain

Many times while running cases, it is required to monitor the maximum/minimum values of some variables like temperature, pressure, turbulence quantities etc. in the domain. These values cannot be obtained accurately from surface monitors or volume monitors. Therefore, to know these values you have to stop the case and check for them. This can be tedious if the case takes quite a lot of time to stop and then restart.

The scheme file below prints the maximum and minimum value of any variable to the console after a specified number of iteration/time-steps. The procedure to use this scheme is mentioned in the scheme file pasted below:

; ;
; This scheme outputs the maximum and minimum value of any parameter on the Fluent console on the fly. ;
; To use this scheme, use the following steps : ;
; ;
; 1. Open this scheme file in any editor and set the value of the variable "param" ;
; from any of the values mentioned in the table below in the command (set! param ...) ;
; 2. The table below lists some of the many values which the variable "param" can take. ;
; 3. Save the scheme file and in Fluent use Solve --> Execute Commands.. to use this scheme ;
; file after a particular number of iterations OR time-steps (for transient cases) ;
; ;
; Written By: Padmesh Mandloi, Fluent India ;
; Last Modified on: 07-Apr-2005 ;

(define param)

;;;;;;;;; Possible values of variable "param" ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
; ;
; param = velocity-magnitude, for velocity magnitude ;
; param = x-velocity, for x-velocity ;
; param = stream-function, for stream-function ;
; param = pressure, for static-pressure ;
; param = total-pressure, for total-pressure ;
; param = temperature, for temperature ;
; param = total-temperature, for total-temperature ;
; param = turb-kinectic-energy, for turbulence kinetic energy ;
; param = turb-intensity, for turbulence intensity ;
; param = viscosiy-ratio, for turbulence-viscosity ratio ;
; ;

(set! param "temperature")


(define list)
(define max-param-pair)
(define max-param)
(define min-param-pair)
(define min-param)

(set! list (%fill-node-values param))
(set! max-param-pair (list-ref list 0))
(set! max-param (cdr max-param-pair))
(set! min-param-pair (list-ref list 1))
(set! min-param (cdr min-param-pair))

(format "Maximum ~a = ~an" param max-param)
(format "Mimimum ~a = ~an" param min-param)


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