Where can I find information on the User Swelling Standard Package?

Please find attached the initial release of the User Swelling Standard Package. Included in the package are:
1. A Word document that describes the use of swelling in ANSYS including the description of the example problems
2. Example problem #1, swell1, that is taken from the ANSYS regression set that is used to verify the swelling capability in the production version of ANSYS.
3. Example problem #2, swell2, that demonstrates temperature depend constant swelling flux.
4. Example problem #3, swell3, that demonstrates the use of ANSYS array parameters to enter the swelling constants into the program. This input has not be verified but this capability is included in the USRVISLAW Standard Package.
5. usersw.F the text file for the "as supplied" version of the swelling subroutine.
6. tsusersw.F, the modified subroutine for use with swell2.inp.
7. swell2.out, the ANSYS output files associated with swell2.inp.

The example problem was run at ANSYS Headquarters on a Technical Support PC. The executable that includes the tsusersw.F was created using the ANSCUST script and run with the GUI. Additional details of the linking procedure and other information related to user programmable features can be found in the Guide to ANSYS User Programmable Features. This package is intended to give users who wish to perform swelling some guidance for this application. Comments, including comments on the Word documentation, are welcome. At the present time, the included examples are the only known examples of this application; other examples may be added in the future.

This package has been tested for the initial release of ANSYS 11.0. Questions concerning this should be directed to ANSYS Technical Support.

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